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The benefit is normally in the form of a lump sum equivalent to a multiple of annual salary, usually two times annual salary. Cover is compulsory for all employees. The lump sum is payable in the event of death of a member while still in active employment of the participating employer. The benefit is payable to the employer for/ and on behalf of the claimant’s dependents.

This cover is meant to provide cover to the creditor. In the event of death or permanent disability the policy will clear the outstanding balance. Temporary disability is also covered, a maximum of six installments will be paid during the time that a debtor is temporarily disabled.

The cover provides a cash sum towards funeral expenses for the employee / member and his/her nominated beneficiaries.

This is a type of life insurance policy designed to pay off a borrower’s outstanding debts if the policyholder dies. It’s typically used to ensure you can paydown a large loan like a mortgage or car loan. Credit life covers the following events: death, permanent and temporary disability, dread disease/critical illness and loss of income.

This is a disability cover, which will pay a monthly benefit being, 75% of the employee’s salary at the time of disablement. The benefit provides an income to a member in the event of them becoming disabled and unable to work. Payments are made on a monthly basis until the member is able to return to work or retirement.

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